Hello! I'm Jürgen

Here, you can find details about my professional career as computer scientist and my personal interests.

About Me

Since 2002, I have served as a software engineer for enterprise companies, where I have been recognized
for developing innovative and robust products for globally deployed software and systems.
Over the years I have mainly worked on embedded systems, all from driver programming up to application layer systems.

I am also personally interested in all kinds of scientific, philosophical and technical innovations.
Following the scientific community in questions around AI/ML and their applications in cancer and longevity research is really exciting.

Sports is also on my agenda as compensation and I play Tennis, do weight training and endurance sports like jogging and rowing.
I am also a somewhat passionate chess player, so if you dare to challenge me for some blitz games -> lichess
Me and my family live in the beautiful south of Germany where we can see the Alps on sunshine days 🙂

Professional Experience

Nov 2016 - Presence


Senior Software Engineer for 5G

  • Embedded software development for CPlane in C++17
  • Member of software performance team
  • Driving functional designs & concepts
  • Working under the agile manifesto

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May 2013 - Oct 2016


Software Engineer for LTE/4G

  • Embedded software development for CPlane in C++11/14
  • Tool & library evaluations
  • Testcase implementation in TTCN3
  • Working under the agile manifesto

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Aug 2011 - Feb 2013

Computational Finance

Software Freelancer

  • Research of quantitative trading on financial markets
  • Implementing tools & trading algorithms in C++Java/Kotlin

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Aug 2008 - Jul 2011

Harman Becker Automotive Systems

Software Engineer for automotive

  • Embedded software development for car telematics
  • Representative for provisioning module for BMW
  • Working under the agile manifesto

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Mar 2006 - Aug 2006


Student software developer

  • Study of the automotive AUTOSAR abstraction layer for microcontrollers
  • Design, implementation and test of software for hardware components of a 32-bit RISC microcontroller
  • Documentation creation of entire work progress

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Aug 2004 - May 2005

Bosch Rexroth Group

Student trainee in mobile electronics division

  • Study of bus communications on CAN for valves
  • Hardware programming in Ass/C
  • Technical communicator between USA and Germany divisions

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Feb 2002 - April 2004

EXTRA Computer GmbH

Application Programmer

  • Database design and programming on SQL-Server
  • Support in creating the backbone for a webshop
  • C++ Client programming with MS-MFC for an ERP
  • BIOS patching on commercial motherboards

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Below is a brief overview of the topics for which I have professional experience,
as well as gained knowledge through personal interest and study.

Theory & Paradigms

  • Algorithms & complexity, with special focus on sequences
  • Functional paradigms: functors, applicatives, monads & transformers, reactive streams, tag-less final
  • Usual OOP knowledge like the ‘Gang of Four’
  • Personal interest: Category Theory(up to Yoneda Lemma so far), Differentiable programming


  • Methods: Deep and Reinforcement Learning, random forests, data normalization, hyperparameter tuning
  • Tools: R, Tensorflow, Weka
  • Python: NumPy, Pandas, Scikit
  • Personal interest: Open-endedness, Quantum machine learning


This is the language where I have the most professional experience.

  • Standards: C++98, C++11, C++14, C++17
  • OOP & functional design patterns
  • Template metaprogramming in C++11 & C++14
  • Boost
  • Reactive programming & streams
  • Functors & monads
  • STL study & usage
  • Applications in embedded environments where time and space are constrained
  • Toolchains: VS, gcc, clang


Since I know formal languages and parser theory, all languages are the ‘same’.
Below is just the list of languages which I worked with the most.

  • C/C++, Asm
  • JVM: Java, Kotlin(with special focus on Arrow), Scala
  • Python
  • Haskell, which is, amongst others, of huge help for C++ metatemplate programming

Tools & Environments

Below is a non-exhaustive list of tools and OS, which I have been working with in the past.

  • OS: Linux, Windows, QNX
  • Enterprise tools: DOORS, Jira/Confluence, Yammer, Windows Office Suite
  • Dev tools: Git, Gerrit, SVN, Perforce, Eclipse, CLion, VSCode, IDEA, Vim, LaTex, LLVM tools, Make
    Cmake, Ninja, Maven, Gradle, gcc, gdb, clang, Valgrind


Oct 2005 - May 2008

Ulm – University

Dipl.-Inf. (German, equals Computer Scientist)

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Oct 2003 - Sep 2005

Hagen – University

Intermediate Diploma in Computer Science

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Aug 1999 - Jan 2002

Aalen – Technical School

Apprenticeship as IT-Specialist for software and application development

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Oct 1994 - Mar 1999

Augsburg – University

Intermediate Diploma in Educational Sciences

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Nov 1991 - Jan 1993

Giengen – Civilian Service

Served for the “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” in Giengen.

Sep 1978 - Jun 1991

Giengen – Margarete-Steiff High School

Abitur(German, High School Diploma)

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