Student Software developer

From March 2006 until August 2006 I was working as a student software developer at the
Daimler-Chrysler R&D center in Ulm.

The working package was to implement some software components for a 32-bit RISC microcontroller
(Infineon TC1775), a so called native driver suite.
The technical constraints were given by the AUTOSAR specification, which in detail describes
the abstraction layer for microcontrollers.
After getting familiar with this, I started to prepare a development board with the Tasking
software suite for compiler, linker etc.
I also needed to have a look at an existing driver suite for a similar microcontroller in order
to get a feeling on how things could be achieved.
I could realize some components in C and partly assembler at the end of my contract
and I documented all of the achievements with Latex.

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