Application programmer at extra gmbh


From February 2002 until April 2004 was working as an application prgrammer at
EXTRA Computer GmbH in Giengen, Germany.
The main technical topics were:

  • Design, implementation and test of C++ client applications for our ERP system
  • Database design and scripting for SQL-Server for our webshop(Coldfusion)
  • BIOS programming and patching for branding purposes
  • Contact person for barcode related software of our products
  • Contact person for technical questions for our financial software



More Details

This job was my first professional experience in the software and IT domain,
although I already had plenty private projects realized.
That’s why I was pretty soon involved in all kinds of software projects,
besides the ongoing apprenticeship at EXTRA.

At that time the company had a special ERP software where I started to
implement special plugins needed by different departments.
One of the frontends was for the financial department, where the task
was to present the relevant data, originating from an SQL server,
with the help of Microsoft Access.
That required intense study of SQL in general and the specifics of table access
and memory considerations at the Microsoft SQL server in general.

With this knowledge of database design and scripting, I could support our
webshop team in connection the pages with the data backbone.
I also implemented a detailed backup plan together with the management.

Since I already had some experience with low level programming in Assembler and C,
I created tailored software for our barcode scanners and was involved in extending
flashing scripts for some BIOS.

While this frontend was sufficient for the financial department, we needed a more
complex solution for one of the production lines.
After some discussion, we wanted to go with C++ for performance reasons and since
I already had some experience with the language, I created a MFC windows application.
This client software was in even years after I left the company.

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