Software Engineer for AUTOMOTIVE


From August 2008 until July 2011 I was working as a software engineer for car telematics.
The main technical topics were:

  • Support on requirements engineering for subcomponents taking into account system interfaces
  • Developing software designs taking into account the overall system integration
  • Implementing the software in C++ under the MoccA framework
  • Implementing unit and system component tests in C++
  • Analysing and fixing customer tickets as well as enhancing functionality together with customer
  • Working in Kanban mode under the agile manifesto

More Details

Harman Becker was the first enterprise scaled company for which I worked after my studies.
The job role was exciting since BMW as the customer is an even bigger player in the
automotive industries.
Harman Becker was convinced about my skills and so I got an entire working
package where I was responsible from requirements to maintenance(end-to-end).

I got introduced into QNX as the realtime working OS which served as the backbone
for the entire telematics software.
On top of that was MoccA, which is an inhouse developed, infrastructural software
component, which e.g. dispatched messages to the right recipients with the right
backpressure etc.

My working package was the Provisioning for the BMW Combox head unit, which is roughly
speaking an over the air update of the telematics software.
We discussed the requirements like, storage place, number of retries in case
of radio link failure, update schedule etc.
I then started to implement these in C++ and I was able to present a working
demo shortly after some months.

We then refined the software together with the customer and I was able to deliver fixes
for tickets within hours since the design and testfixtures for the components played well together.
I was from there on also responsible for the entire maintenance of the component and
was also supporting in many other areas of the car telematics.

Harman Becker was the first job where I got introduced to agile methods and processes.
It has been a new experience for all of us, since it was a new try for the company as
a whole to restructure the work.
We used Kanban and worked with the typical postits on a board and I can say that
after some scepticism we all got used to it.

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