Student trainee

From August 2004 until May 2005 I was working as a student trainee for Bosch Rexroth Group
at Wooster Ohio, USA.

I was lucky to get the golden opportunity to work a student trainee in Ohio, USA for an
enterprice company like Bosch Rexroth.
Here, I was introduced to the specific working culture overseas and from this
experience I still gain a lot as person.

In the beginning I was introduced to specific boards for valve engines.
I enjoyed working with the software developers of the division and they
soon realized that I can support them not only in technical tasks,
but also serve as an interface between their german counterparts.
Many times, I could help in getting more precise specification when
constraints were unclear, like the drama with all the different measurment
units in the US.

Later I started to work on implementing parts of bus communication logic
with the help of software like CANalyzer from Vector.

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