Intermediate Diploma in Educational Sciences From October 1994 until March 1999 I studied Educational Sciences with focus on adult education in IT, at the University of Augsburg. After my civilian service, I wanted to combine my knowledge about IT and software with my preference to work with people directly and educate them how to get …

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Apprenticeship as IT-Specialist for software and application development From August 1999 until January 2002 I completed my apprenticeship as IT-Specialist for software and application development at the Technical School in Aalen, Germany. At that time, this type of apprenticeship has been newly introduced in Germany and was a direct answer and try to remedy the …

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Intermediate Diploma in Computer Science From October 2003 until September 2005 I studied Computer Science in my basic study period at the University of Hagen, Germany. I started to study CS in Hagen, which is a University where you study remotely while working on your day job. In the beginning this is quite a demanding …

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Dipl.-Inf. (Computer Scientist) From October 2005 until May 2008 I studied Computer Science in my advanced study periodat the University of Ulm, Germany. My main focus for this peroid was on theoretical and mathematical studies in thecomputer science domain.Therefore I joined the Theoretical/Algorithmics department for the preparation ofmy final diploma thesis.Since I had great interest …

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